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Custom Plastic Production Facility

Custom Plastic Production Facility

Project: Custom Plastic Production Facility

Location: Albany County, NY

Client: Fortune Global 500 Manufacturing Company

Value: $30 million


A leading plastics manufacturer consolidated their global R&D, Technology Development and Specialty Materials resources in a central location. The Client converted and expanded existing office space into a state-of-the-art plastic research and extrusion facility. Construction of the production plant enabled them to bring new, cutting edge plastic solutions to market.

The project included demolition of existing equipment and building structures followed by construction of >100,000 ft2 of mixed-use space with dedicated research, production, warehouse and office areas. Installed within the new facility are five powder-to-pellet plastic extrusion lines with associated utility, ventilation, dust collection, plant air, nitrogen, steam, mechanical, structural, electrical and control systems.


The client had a vision but limited experience delivering a project of this type, complexity and magnitude. They are researchers, technology innovators, and business leaders, not process engineers or construction managers. Therefore, the primary challenge was in finding a way to effectively communicate and collaborate with a multi-disciplined team of stakeholders as we worked to define a process and construct a building system that achieved their objectives.


IPD took a step back and started by understanding the objectives and critical-to-quality parameters for the new facility. The team translated their vision into a process that met their business needs. Throughout the subsequent design and construction phase, extra time was spent walking the client through engineering, construction and supplier documentation so that the they understood what was happening, available options, where decisions and approvals were needed and ultimately, how it all impacted the final solution. This level of collaboration, stewardship and facilitation is integral to how IPD relates with our clients.


The client can now take ideas from the lab directly to the market. Conducting strategic production runs of new plastic solutions lets them test and learn with their customers at an accelerated rate. This streamlined research-to-production capability is a differentiator that creates significant value for their business.



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