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Chiller Plant Upgrade

Chiller Plant Upgrade

Project: Chiller Plant Upgrade

Location: Orange County, NY

Client: Aircraft Engine Component - Specialty Coatings Facility

Value: $3.5 million


High temperature alarms and automatic shut-downs were plaguing a new aerospace coating process. The resulting production interruptions were having a significant impact on their profitability. IPD was contracted to troubleshoot the new coating process cooling system with the goals of “zero capacity loss and downtime reductions.” A site audit and process evaluation determined that an increase in chilled water capacity, via a chiller replacement, would deliver significant toward both objectives. The decision was made to replace the existing cooling tower with a larger system and supplement it with a trim chiller to satisfy peak demand.

The project began with energy, process and hydraulic studies to properly define the solution and specify equipment. A new mechanical building and integration of the chillers, cooling water pumps, buffer tank and associated piping required close collaboration with the Client. In addition, electrical instrumentation & controls, concrete foundations, and structural pipe racks were part of the scope. Provisions for a future auxiliary chiller and system expansion were incorporated into the design.


Integration of new equipment into an existing manufacturing facility is always a challenge. Trying to place equipment into a crowded space requires experience, creativity, attention to detail.


Working closely with client personnel, IPD reviewed design concepts with all stakeholders to ensure installation was possible and that interferences and issues were addressed early in the design phase. Operator access was a top priority. The final design provided sufficient clearance so that maintenance could be performed quickly and downtime minimized.


The Client received a properly sized, efficient, reliable, and maintainable chilled water system with spare capacity for future plant expansion. All operational objectives were achieved and the facility is currently recognizing the performance benefits of the new system.



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