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No. 6 Fuel Oil Conversion

Location: Queens, NY

Client: Combined Cycle Power Plant

Value: $25 million


The New York City Council approved Bill INT 1465-A which calls for cleaner power generation and requires power plants to end the use of heavy fuels. To be compliant and satisfy their secondary fuel needs, one of NYC’s largest power plants installed a new No. 4 fuel oil system with provisions to convert to No. 2 oil by 2025.

The project included replacement of an existing underground No. 6 oil tank with a new 2-million gallon, steam-heated, API 650 above ground tank with secondary containment, barge loading/unloading upgrades, 8 pumps and piping to supply 6 end users (boilers and power generation equipment), integrated controls and a foam fire suppression system. IPD provided, construction management, regulatory compliance and commissioning services.


Regulatory and schedule pressures presented significant challenges for this project. With such a large tank, the DEC classified the power plant as a major oil storage facility (MOSF). The site is located on the East River which means the US Coast Guard is a stakeholder in the loading/unloading of fuel from barges. The extremely demanding regulatory environment in NYC requires permits, approvals, tests and inspections from the Department of Buildings and the FDNY. Emission/air permits, SPDES permits and SPCC plans required updates. In addition, contractual commitments required the site to have No. 4 oil available by a specific date which left no room in the schedule for delays.


IPD deployed a cross-functional team of engineers, project managers and commissioning experts to the site for five months. The objectives were to: facilitate and expedite design and construction activities, coordinate and execute an integrated compliance and regulatory approval plan and, commission all equipment and systems (fuel oil and fire protection).


The integrated team of Client, construction and IPD personnel worked closely in an open, honest and collaborative way. An all-hands-on-deck mentality drove a sense of urgency and the shared sense of commitment created trust among team members. The system was approved by all AHJs and the tank was filled with oil on time.



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