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Energy Storage Solutions

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IPD Energy Storage Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of battery storage design and field support services.

We combine battery system expertise with decades of engineering and construction experience to help our clients:

  • Bring new products to market
  • Develop sites and infrastructure
  • Install, (de)commission and service systems in the field.

Let us prove how this wing-to-wing service offering can be a differentiator for your business.


System design, integration, documentation, and product launch support:

  • Enclosures, panels and packaging design
  • Electrical instrumentation and controls
  • Foundation interface optimization/standardization
  • Equipment integration
  • Methods, procedures and O&M manual content
  • Client representation at design reviews and critical supplier meetings.
  • UL 1973 / 9540 / 9540A / 1741


EPC support for the following:

  • Site development, layout, permitting, and compliance
  • Demolition and site preparation
  • Grid interconnection and electrical T&D
  • Site civil, foundations and access roads
  • HVAC, fire suppression and mechanical balance of plant
  • Site material handling and equipment flow strategies
  • Rigging and installation design/methods
  • NFPA 70 / 855


Installation, commissioning/decommissioning, field service, and maintenance.

  • Battery and inverter system installation and commissioning
  • Battery loading
  • Field service – planned and unplanned maintenance
  • OEM field team augmentation
  • Battery system decommissioning and recycling
  • Custom battery loading tools
  • Material planning and site coordination
  • Tool and spare parts definition
  • Inventory management and deployment
  • Methods, procedures and training materials
  • Field test and verification of equipment and procedures
  • Threat hazard assessments (battery loading, BESS installation, etc.)

Project List

  • Entergy Perryville - 6.5 MW x 6.5 MWH, GT Black Start
  • Calpine Johanna - 20 MW x 80 MWH, Grid Support
  • Lenox Energy Storage North - 2 MW x 8 MWH, Solar + Storage
  • Lenox Energy Storage South - 3 MW x 12 MWH, Solar + Storage
  • Stanton ERC - 10 MW x 4.3 MWH, Hybrid EGT
  • Enmax Crossfield - 10 MW x 4.5 MWh, Hybrid EGT
  • Convergent #1 - 10 MW x 40 MWH, Grid Support
  • Convergent #2 - 9 MW x 36 MWH, Grid Support
  • Convergent #3 - 6 MW x 24 MWH, Grid Support
  • California - 10 MW x 4 MWH, Hybrid EGT
  • California - 14 MW x 12 MWh, Hybrid EGT + Black Start
  • United Kingdom - 13 MW x 8 MWH, Solar + Storage
  • Texas - 260 MW x 260 MWh, Grid Support


Our Partners:

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