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IPD is dedicated to Client satisfaction and to providing the highest quality engineering and design-build services.

Welcome to Industrial Process Design (IPD)

IPD proudly serves the hard-working women and men of the manufacturing and power generation industries.

Sample industries:

  • Cement                    
  • Plastics                     
  • Silicones
  • Specialty Chemicals              
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductors                     
  • Power Generation & Energy Storage



Featured Case Studies

Featured Case Studies



   These are a sample of case studies we feature to showcase some of our prior projects upon completion ... » more

Chiller Plant Upgrade



   High temperature cut-off alarms and automatic shut-down controls were plaguing a new aerospace coating process and causing production to shut down. Each day of ... » more

Custom Plastic Production Facility



   A leading plastics manufacturer consolidated their global R&D, Technology Development and Specialty Materials resources in a central location. The Client converted and expanded existing office space into a ... » more

No. 6 Fuel Oil Conversion



   The New York City Council approved Bill INT 1465-A which calls for cleaner power generation and requires power plants to end the use of heavy fuels. To be ... » more